Here Are 10 Breeds of Dogs Perfect for Seniors

As we grow older, our preferences and tendencies change. We start opting for more relaxing, more comfortable things and companions. This change transcends to pets, as well, for, as older folks, we no longer have the same amount of energy we used to have, which is why a more relaxed dog breed is the best for you if you want a companion and is a dog person. To help you figure out which dog breed is best for either you or your senior relative, here is a list of 10 dog breeds you should look into.

10- West Highland White Terrier

These white balls of fluff truly make life livelier. This Terrier breed is a bunch of showboats with a rather playful streak to them. They enjoy playing with their owners and fit rather well in an apartment due to their size that makes them not need much space, but they do need to walk around in the open with you since they can grow claustrophobic.

9- Schipperk

Schipperkes are vulpine-seeming dogs that have boundless energy, which makes them perfectly suitable for active senior citizens. While seemingly tapping into a bottomless pit of energy, Schipperke dogs are not annoying whatsoever. They are definitely not the kind of pets you can keep wrapped in a dog blanket despite their rather diminutive size that can reach 20 pounds of weight and 15 inches of height.

Schipperke dogs are known for their thick, dark coat, sharp, dark eyes, and alert ears. As aloof as they are, however, Schipperkes require a little extra training, but they are well worth it nonetheless.

8- Bulldog

As messy as bulldogs are, the best dog beds in the world cannot stay operational around them. Sturdy and stumpy, bulldogs can be rather intimidating, but they are very friendly creatures with cheerful personalities and adorable faces. Bulldogs, however, can reach a considerable weight of 55 pounds, which makes their diminutive heights even more noticeable.

Bulldogs enjoy cuddling, belly rubs, and as much playtime as you can give them. They fit right in flats of all sizes, and enjoy cool weather. The only negative point about bulldogs is that their longevity is significantly lower than other dog breeds.

7- Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are quite known for their rather unique features. With their thick, night guard moustaches, luxurious coats, and splendid posture, Miniature Schnauzers are amazing dogs to have as pets. Given their friendly, cheery, and loyal personalities, they can be perfect pets for senior citizens.

Miniature Schnauzers’ loyalty is unshakable, and their energy can be tough to drain, which is why they might require additional exercise to expend that energy. They can also be tough to train, but that is nothing that a good handful of the best dog treats you can find cannot handle.

6- Lhasa Apso

Originating from the Tibet, Lhasa Apso dogs are perfect for senior citizens. With their fun size, adaptation to apartment life, and the fact that they do not shed as much as other dogs, Lhasa Apso are very compatible with seniors, and having them as pets can prove to be rather exciting.

Lhasa Apso dogs are lapdogs by nature, and they love rising up to their moniker. They also enjoy play time, and will never bring about any damage to your home, for they are rather peaceful dogs. They would much rather chew on some dog food than your furniture.

5- Brussels Griffon

Seemingly grumpy, Brussels Griffon dogs are fantastic lapdogs. Falling into that category makes them perfect for seniors since they can be easily handled, despite having been bred to hunt rats. Brussels Griffons are small, light dogs, with thick hair around the muzzle that is referred to as a “beard,” and a strong personality with boundless energy.

Having a Brussels Griffon can prove to be quite the enjoyable experience, for they both enjoy playing with you and just lying on your lap the whole day. They truly are amazing dogs to have.

4- Labrador Retriever

Lab Retrievers are known for being extremely friendly and well-tempered dogs. The only thing they require is enough space to run around since they are very energetic dogs. Their loyalty, unwavering love, and boundless affection make for a wonderful pet for dog lovers of all ages, especially children and seniors.

Originally bred for hunting and fishing, Labrador Retrievers are very efficient and task-oriented dogs. They are amazing guard dogs, as well, which might make you consider investing in dog insurance since Labrador retrievers can prove to be rather fierce when protecting their loves ones.


The dog of choice of spoiled princesses, Pomeranians are in their turf while living in flats. These small fur balls are very cheery, loving, and cuddly dogs. Pomeranians do not require plenty of space or activity, for they enjoy spending time cuddling with their owners. They can be a little loud, however, but they are easily trained out of that, which makes them ideal dogs for citizens.

2- Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers are rough-looking, tenacious, proud dogs that are a whole canine adventure. They are quite notorious for being hard to train, but their training sticks for good afterwards. Their social, cheerful personality makes them ideal for seniors to have as companions, for they can grow acquainted with your family, extended family, and friends rather easily. Rather diminutive in weight and stature, Scottish Terriers are the perfect lapdogs for seniors.

1- Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are the kind of dogs who enjoy a dog crate as much as they enjoy a lap. With their long ears and cheerful personality, these dogs are amazing for elders as much as they are for families. Their fun size, fun personality, and love for snuggling make them quite suitable for seniors to take them in as pets.

Cocker spaniels are known for adapting to their owners’ personality relatively easily, developing in tandem with their owners and becoming synchronized with them in terms of energy and habits.

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