The 7 Major Benefits of Getting a Legitimate ESA Letter

s wonderful that a pet of any species can now be legally considered an emotional support animal. That means that you and your pet can be closer than ever. The bond that owner and pet share is no different than a bond between family members, although the rest of the world sometimes doesn’t see it that way. Luckily, you can prove that they are significant to your emotional health and get a valid ESA letter to ensure they can be with you at all times. If that’s not enough of a reason to apply for a letter, here are 7 major reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to register your pet as an ESA.

  • Saves You Money

Having an ESA letter is your legitimate proof that your pet is required to be by your side to support your emotional health. Therefore, you will be exempt from paying any pet fees, pet application fees, and deposits. In some places, pet fees are required when taking your furry friend out with you. Luckily, this letter is basically a free pass that allows your pet to accompany you everywhere and free of charge.

  • You Can Live Anywhere

You get to choose wherever you want to live, regardless of the pet restrictions in the building. Whether or not the landlord has this rule, you and your companion can live wherever you deem fit. Having an ESA letter explains to the landlord why your pet must be kept indoors with you.

  • You Can Go Anywhere

ESA letters exempt you from location restrictions. This means your pet can visit any place even if it’s not pet-friendly. From coffee shops to no-pet hotels, your furry playmate can accompany you on any trip.

  • Allowed as Travel Companion

There will be no pet size and weight restrictions to follow aboard planes. Nor will your pet have to endure a less than pleasant travel experience. When booking a flight, your ESA letter establishes that you must take your companion with you on board. This means, your pet gets to sit beside you on its own seat and keep you company so that you can watch over it during the trip.

Many people wonder whether getting an ESA letter is worth the hassle. They assume that getting qualified is a lot of work and most aren’t aware of just how easy it can be. Not only does it mean you get to keep your pet with you at all times, but it will actually improve your mental state. When you finally decide that your pet is worth getting an ESA letter, you must then look at the best ways to seek yours. While a licensed therapist can issue one, others can receive theirs from a social worker or doctor who is familiar with your mental health. Recently, getting a professional ESA letter is even easier with online applications. However, this does require some research on your part to ensure that you’re applying for a valid letter from a reputable online source.

  • No Renewals or Updates Required

Another great thing about ESA letters is that there is no expiration date for housing.

In addition to that, your pet can be any age and the ESA letter still stands. While some landlords have the ability to restrict some at a certain age, your letter clearly states that your pet must remain by your side no matter how young or old they may be.

  • Every Day is “Bring Your Pet to Work” Day

Perhaps one of the best reasons for getting a legitimate ESA letter is that you can even bring your pet to work with you, which will no doubt help your mental state during long office hours. Furthermore, if you’re studying, you are granted permission to bring them along to school or college. No educational facility or organization can turn your best friend down.

  • Say Goodbye to Breed Restrictions

Unfortunately, when it comes to dogs, some people still have their prejudices. Certain breeds such as Pitbulls, Rottweilers, and Huskies are sometimes restricted from living in certain buildings. With an ESA, however, you can wave goodbye to those limitations as your pet is listed by law as a service dog. As such, a landlord cannot deny your breed access to the premises.

Scientific research proves that our cats, dogs, and even birds help improve our mental and physical well-being. Therefore, getting an ESA is not only beneficial for our mental health, but it will also keep us active and physically healthy too. There are few things as comforting as petting your cat or taking your dog out for a walk. So why not keep your playmate around at all times by signing up for a legitimate ESA letter?

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