7 Tips to get a better deal on dog insurance

Pets quickly become part of your family. They demand love, care and affection, helping us to form strong relationships with them quickly. However, pets will also sometimes become ill and uncomfortable through no fault of their own. Most vets now recommend that our clients have pet insurance – not to turn a profit, but because it means we have far more options when it comes to treatment in most cases. Pet insurance may seem expensive initially but it will help facilitate the cost of care when your pet needs it the most. Paying regular, smaller insurance fees will reduce the likelihood of you having to pay out for large, sudden vet bills. But… are you getting the best insurance deals?

1 – Make sure you are getting the ‘best’ insurance deal FOR YOU… 

You must think about what service you are expecting from your insurance. Premium insurance plans which are more likely to pay out more frequently, cover multiple conditions in one year or pay out for the same condition multiple times, will have a higher excess and monthly payments. Make sure the items you want to be covered on your policy are covered. Then compare different companies that are offering to cover those exact things!

Number 6 will shock you!

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