7 Tips to get a better deal on dog insurance

7 – Consider your options for older pets – BEFORE they start to age!

As your pet gets older, you should expect your insurance premium to increase. This is because older pets are much more likely to suffer from illness and disease. If you are worried about this gradual increase in price as your pet gets older, you could opt for a lifelong, fixed fee insurance policy. These policies may appear more expensive compared to others whilst your pet is young, but the premium should remain the same throughout your pet’s life compared to other policies which will gradually increase. You must be very honest when informing an insurance company of your pet’s current health. Insurance companies will be able to view your pet’s health record from your veterinary professionals if you ever want to make a claim, meaning they will receive all history of your pet’s health.

Your pet insurance will also increase as your pet accumulates different medical conditions. This is to cover the cost of monthly medication, prescription checks and regular check ups to ensure the medication is negatively impacting the efficiency of the other organs functionality.

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