Victim of mastiff attack, near death

The story almost turns into tragedy when a resident of Solsems is attacked by two of her neighbour’s hounds. If she narrowly escapes death, her little dog will not survive the attack.

“I’m not feeling well. This morning I was at the doctor. Now I try to occupy myself as much as possible. It is not easy to forget what happened. I have a lot of pain” Sabina says.

Pictures of these two large mastiffs just a few centimeters from her face and her little two-year-old dog, killed and carried away by one of them, Sabine Tordoire-Gosset, still can’t be beat. Retired Solesmoise, 73, escaped a real horror scene on the morning of September 7 when she left her home, rue de Warennes in Solesmes, to walk with two young Chihuahuas. She was on the verge of death and could never imagine that she would ever experience such violence. His hands are still trembling to this day.

“I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t get up anymore. I screamed: My dog! My dog! Help! It’s terrible. It’s a picture I see all the time. I still have nightmares about it.” Sabina explains.

horror scene

On that day, Sabine had barely made it out of her house with her two small dogs, and suddenly found herself nailed to the ground by two angry mastiffs who had escaped from the house next door, two American employees and a Rottweiler. On Earth, she tries very hard to protect her young companions as much as she can. Then the driver stopped. The latter leaves its passenger and a 9-year-old child in the car and tries to intervene by kicking one of two large mastiffs and then trying to raise the victim. One of them returns to attack and shuts his fangs fatally on a baby Chihuahua before passing it on to his owners.

Sabine, in shock, was taken to Kato Hospital Center. The attending physician will prescribe it for 7 days of ITT under psychiatric reserve. The little Chihuahua did not survive. “My late husband gave it to me to keep my company. I can tell that Precious was a hero. It saved my life, because they cut my neck a second later”admits Sabine, who says today she is angry: “This should never have happened and I should still have my dog. I reported it so it doesn’t happen to others.” The retiree adds.

At the root of the accident, there was no fence capable of preventing the two large dogs from going out into the street. An absence reported several times which led to a summons to the police.

A complaint has been filed

Because it wouldn’t be the first time the rue de Warennes had been the scene of similar events, even if probably on a smaller scale. Two days after this attack, on September 9, a man is said to have rescued his little dog, which was walking with great difficulty. Long before that, on June 30, another woman brought down a handrail who also had an accident with these two dogs. Other testimonies point to two similar events that occurred in July.

Following the complaint by Sabine, the gendarmerie and the departments of the SPA intervened to take the dogs that were the subject of judicial custody for evaluation.

Sabine now wants justice. She is claiming compensation for the psychological injury she suffered, in particular the loss of her dog and the consequences of this abuse.

Judicial control

The Sudanese Professionals Association in Marley accompanied by the gendarmerie carried out a judicial forfeiture operation targeting the staff and the Rottweiler at the origin of the attack for evaluation. It can be recovered, under several conditions, by its owners with a one-month grace period to comply and only if the prosecution allows it to be returned. Current legislation provides for behavioral evaluation of dogs by a licensed veterinarian. Note that getting this type of dog (1time or 2e category), you need a certificate of aptitude, a behavioral study, an exact identification, or a permit to the town hall for a holding permit, not to mention the installation of a fence that meets established standards.

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