Is it healthy to sleep with your cat or dog?

Purring, softness, warmth… Some pets are accustomed to sleeping in their masters’ bedrooms. Is it okay to share your bed with your cat or dog? our answers.

macarons where fangssome farm animals You have their entries in Bedrooms from their masters and they sleep Sometimes with them, on the bed. This can have advantages but also disadvantages.

What are the benefits of sleeping with your cat or dog?

  • sense of security

voice presence cat or the sound dog In bed can have a beneficial effect on Sleeps for mr. For people who live alone in particular, a dog can provide a sense of security and a cat can have a calming effect. Having his pet next to him comforts his master and reassures him.

Guerric Radière, a veterinarian at Crépy-en Valois (Oise), specifies that “Adapting to your cat’s breathing or heart rateCalms and helps sleep. The purring It also has a beneficial effect, he adds. “We’re even talking about purring“. The sound of low sound frequencies (between 20 and 50 Hz) dispels the master’s fatigue and makes it easier for him to fall asleep. Hearing a cat purring also lowers blood pressure in anxious people. It is also useful for people who are prone to it. depression.

  • Strengthens immune defenses

Moreover, the children People who are in contact with a cat tend to be less susceptible to allergens, due to their contact with the cat’s microbiota (the bacteria, viruses, and yeasts that live on and within the animal), Guerric Radière identifies. This strengthens the immune defenses. It’s also beneficial for older adults for the same reason, the vet adds.

Les personnes immunodéprimées doivent cependant d’abord s’assurer qu’elles sont porteuses de certains anticorps, notamment pour les zoonoses (transmissibles par l’animal), -comme la toxoplasmose, en faisant une sérologie, à l’unea blood. If this is the case,You have to be careful but there are no major contraindications to sleeping with your catThe vet is reassured.

What are the disadvantages of sleeping with your cat or dog?

The main danger of sleeping with your cat or dog is contamination ParasitesLike the from the direction of and the fleaswhich your pet has hunted during their outdoor adventures, beyond the cleanliness of their paws in particular.

For cats and dogs, you should also pay attention to diseases that can be transmitted to humans, such as:

You should make sure that your cat or dog is well treated for parasites and that their vaccinations are up to date. Guerric Radière recommends that your cat or dog be examined by a veterinarian at least once a year to check their health: their teeth, their teeth earsHis joints, his heart in particular, and the making of annual reminders Vaccines.

For cats such as dogs from the age of 6-7 years, it is recommended to have an annual blood test or even every 6 months to check the condition of the kidneys and liver. Cats hide their diseases for a long time, and it is not easy to detect them.

For people with allergies, sleeping with a cat is highly not recommended, which is more than that allergens from a dog. Leaving the hair on the bed, the floor, or in the air can make it swell.

The same for people Asthma patientsHaving cats in bed can exacerbate symptoms. “What is annoying is dust and hair that interfere with breathingGuerric Radière says.

A cat has a different rhythm of life than a human, it is more active at night, which can disturb your sleep. Charming cats may want to play, and move around while you want to stay in the arms of Morpheus.

sleeping with a cat long hair It can be annoying if he loses his hair. Some dogs also tend to shed a lot. Also on the issue of hygiene, whether you sleep with your cat or dog, you should make sure to change your pillowcases regularly: every two weeks.

It can be embarrassing for a long-haired cat to sleep if he has lost his hair. Adobe Stock

Your pet’s hygiene should be closely monitored. It is important that well take care of your cat. Just like his dog: he should Husband Regularly brushing and brushing several times a week long hair breeds And once a week for short hair breeds, To remove dead hair. It is preferable to perform the procedure before bedtime, suggests Dr. Radier.

As far as dogs are concerned, their sleep rhythm is definitely close to that of humans, but their snoring can be loud and prevent you from falling asleep or waking up. Another drawback, depending on the dog’s breed, is Cuts Could be a problem in bed. A large jig takes up more space, and if it moves, it causes discomfort to the master.

This is especially small dogs Who can climb on the bed easily. But Guerric Radière notes that starting at ages 5-6, dogs sometimes develop bad breath, which can be bothersome depending on a person’s sensitivity. This inconvenience is caused by tartar and plaques that are deposited after bad ones oral hygiene.

If this is the case for your dog, he recommends brushing your four-legged friend’s teeth once a day or every other day. This significantly reduces bad breath by preventing tartar from depositing on the teeth. This regular brushing delays the onset of oral disorders, including tooth loss and gingivitis.

  • The issue of intimacy

Guerric Radière points out that the main obstacle to sleeping with your cat or dog has to do with intimacy, when you are in a relationship. Having a pet in the room can disturb her, causing discomfort to one of the partners.

Is your pet cultured enough to let him sleep with you?

Finally, it is necessary not to neglect the education of the animal and its place in the house. It would be necessary to avoid letting the dominant animals sleep with you as this would enhance this strength sharpness. It is important to ensure that the animal is well educated and behaves appropriately before allowing it to enter your room and therefore your privacy, as it may impose itself there.

These are only recommendations. Each master will choose what suits him best.

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