Anya adopts a super powerful dog in Spy X Episode 15

As if a spy’s father, murderous mother, and mind-reading daughter weren’t enough, episode 15 of Spy x Family adds another member to the Forger family. Is he a regular member? Does Anya have a brother? Not much.

After episode 14, you should already know Inu-san, the dog who can see the future. He saved Anya’s life and is one of the test dogs.

It turns out that Anya is now attached to this large mountain of white fuzz. Naturally, she demands that Lloyd be allowed to adopt the dog.

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By the end of Episode 15, Anya had a pet dog, making the Forgers a family of four. Anya named the dog Bond, after her favorite cartoon character, Bondman.

A glimpse into Bond’s memories also revealed how he was abused during the experiments. They hardly fed him and brutalized all the dogs because they were just test subjects. Through these experiments, he gained predictive capabilities.

Bond’s ability helps him see glimpses of the future. Thus, if acted correctly, the foreseeable future can be avoided.

He’s the perfect new member of the Forger family. Bond’s ability can save family members from dangerous situations and given their professions, insurance is essential.

The scene where Anya Lloyd threatened her school grades was one of the funniest moments. This little girl already knows how to blackmail not only her father, but also a master spy.

Episode 16 is titled “Your Kitchen”, which means she will focus more on her horrible kitchen. Could a few cooking lessons make his food palatable? I pity Bond’s hypersensitive nose because he now has to deal with the smell of yor food.

About Spy × Family

Spy × Family is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo at Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

The story follows a spy who must “build a family” on a mission, without realizing that the girl he adopts is a daughter and the woman he agrees to be with in a fake marriage is respectively a reader. A soul and a fighter.

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