‘A Dog’s Life’, Île Teatro’s latest innovation in Groix – Ile de Groix

Tension rises, costumes adjust, and the play of light harmonizes and highlights the backdrop created by Laurent Montassine and his team of Palette Surprise. A few more hours and the Île theater company will find the joy of the stage and its loyal audience. In this 2022 classic, Jacqueline Bonnet-Levi scripted by Monique Garriguez, Isabel Le Brazedek, and Anne-Marie Mauby, a script that notes the deterioration of the climate and life on Earth. “Earth has become uninhabitable, leaving humans to colonize other planets. The poorest are starving and eating deserted dogs who flee to deserted areas to escape humans as the storm rages and the rising waters threaten,” commented the masked “dogskin” actors. Extremely realistic created by Jacqueline de Chanrond, “Intelligence Fingers Band” who dressed up thirteen actors..


The show will be in the Village Hall on Saturday 22 October at 8:30 pm and on Sunday 23 October at 4 pm. Acceptance of 7 and 5 euros is free of charge for those under 15 years old.

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