4 tips from 30 million friends to protect our animals

Are you about to celebrate Halloween and own a pet? Be careful not to endanger your furry friend. To this end, the 30 Million Friends Animal Protection Society has planned everything and reminds you of the essential points to have fun while maintaining the health and welfare of animals.

Dress up as a witch or ghost, decorate your house with bats, give a spooky look to a pumpkin… Here are some ideas to celebrate HalloweenOctober 31, as it should be. But if these activities are not dangerous for you or your children, they may negatively affect our pets. Why and how do we preserve it? 30 million friends explain it all On his website It offers valuable tips to keep in mind throughout the year.

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Sweets, will not give

On Halloween, it is customary to send children around the neighborhood in search of candy and other sweets. In the excitement of this treasure hunt, it is possible to leave them lying at home. The problem: As 30 million friends remind us, sweets, chocolates, and their packaging “can be harmful” to animals.

30 million friends:

Chocolate is deadly for dogs and can harm the digestive system (vomiting, diarrhea, bloating), the nervous system (anxiety, tremors, convulsions) as well as the respiratory system of the heart (tachycardia, respiratory disorders) for cats.

Likewise, sweets should be avoided in our four-legged friends: when eaten in very large quantities, sweets should be eaten. “It can cause gastroenteritis or worse, life-threatening pancreatitis.”. Packaging can, on the other hand, “Be the cause of digestive problems and obstruction”.

Tip: keep your baskets full of treats and other sweets away from your animals, but also your decorations which, again, if ingested, can cause harm if they are “swallowed or manipulated”.

If your dog or cat eats candy, 30 million friends advise not to wait for symptoms. “After a phone call to inform them of your arrival, go immediately to the nearest animal poison control center or to the vet.”.

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Camouflage you won’t wear

A cat is not made to be undercover, it’s abuse! “ Already last August, a veterinarian and TV presenter Helen Gatto alerted me to the phenomenon that is very present on social networks: Dress up your pet.

Outraged by the practice, the vet analyzed in a video the behavior of a cat who had become influential in spite of herself: Mirsha. Then the expert explained how cats’ movements appear Signs of anxiety and stress And even went so far as to talk about an act “abuse”.

Same story with 30 million friends: For Halloween, don’t hide your pet. The association also specifies that you should not make or color your animal’s hair. “Licking these products can be toxic”veterinarian Brigitte Leblanc recalls on the association’s website.

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Calm, you will advance

Parties are not the best environment for animals. “Very sensitive to noise, they can be bothered by children’s cries or doorbells.”explains 30 Million Friends before adding that animals can, to defend themselves, show signs of aggression:

“How many dogs or cats ran away that evening, and ended up in the noisy streets, full of children or adults in disturbing fancy dress? These unusual costumes and noises can cause panic but also aggression in our animals (…) so it is best Install it in a quiet room away from this disturbance all evening.”

Brigitte Leblanc, veterinarian, to 30 million friends

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Black cats, you will protect

These animals are still the object of superstition. They, according to certain beliefs, will bring misfortune or will be a harbinger of a bad omen. All this is clearly not true, but black cats still suffer from the consequences of such beliefs and ignorance. So on the evening of October 31, 30 million friends advised owners of black cats not to brag about them, but to protect them. Veterinarian Brigitte Leblanc identifies: Moreover, in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the adoption of black cats in shelters is stopped throughout October to prevent them from being picked up by unscrupulous people. »

Now you know how to enjoy this holiday without endangering the animals.

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