Video of Doberman’s adorable reaction when his pregnant lover’s belly starts to move

Can dogs tell if a woman is pregnant? There is no study that proves this, however, and the attitude of this dog can prove it very well. When he kicked the child, the latter showed all his affection.

TikTok user Cheryl Ryle Kellymore than 8 months pregnant, published a touching sequence.

We can already find out what kind of dog he is Doberman eye dimar It attests to his attachment to the small being in the process of formation.

The dog first noticed his lover’s belly moving after a well-placed kick. You can see all his amazement in his eyes.

Then, the latter lays his head down in a wave of disproportionate affection while looking at Cheryl tenderly.

The latter was terribly disturbed by this evidence of love from her faithful four-legged boyfriend. If we fear that the arrival of the child at home will make the dog jealous, here it seems that it generates a protective instinct.

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They will be good friends.

The video was a huge success. It has been viewed nearly 25 million times and amassed over 6 million likes.

The community was very affected. You can read in the comments: They will be the best friends in the world.And the “This kid already has a condom.” or “It’s so wonderful to see that this unconditional love actually exists even before birth.”.

However, other people wondered if the dog was able to sense that his lover was pregnant.

animal doctor Jeff Smith He answered the question explaining that there is no study yet that proves this with certainty.

However, the olfactory capabilities of the canines may allow them to detect pregnancy hormones in women.

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Dogs have a feelinggoing It is more sensitive than humans. They are able to track scent for several kilometers or recognize pheromones emitted by other animals thanks to their nasal vomeric organ. I firmly believe that they are also very sensitive.Tell Newsweek.

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