FAIT DU SOIR Royal Canin, Gard’s first private employee celebrates its 50th anniversary

On Monday, on its website Aimargues, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, Carol Delga inaugurated the R&D Experimental Line. Royal Canin aims to be carbon neutral and fund 14 legal aid dogs by 2025. In a quarter century, the company has become the Gard’s leading private employer.

Carole Delga and Cécile Cotten open an experimental R&D line • (photos by Norman Garden)

The story began in 1968 when Jan Cathari, a veterinarian from Gard, made yellow soup for dogs. The man is convinced that food can have an effect on animal health and has registered the Royal Canin trademark. Four years later, the company was taken over by the Guyomarc’h Group and over the years the products became available in eight European countries. In the 1980s, the brand developed the first food designed for dogs, and in 1982 entered the homes of the French with a memorable advertising spot.

Legendary 1982 ad spot

We see a German Shepherd running free with Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack from The Professional in the background. In the process, Royal Canin reaches the United States. Gard has since continued to evolve and on Monday celebrated its fifth anniversary. Or almost … “We planned to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2020, but the health crisis prevented us from doing so,” explains Jean-Christophe Pascal, director of the Emarge plant. Regardless, this Monday Royal Canin opened its experimental development research line co-funded by the Occitanie Region (to the tune of €875,000) on the Royal Canin campus in Aimargues.

Jean Cathari has his statue in Aimargues • (photos by Norman Garden)

This project has led to the design of a range of products that represent an advantage for canine oral health. It was Carol Delga, President of the Region, who cut the ribbon and is full of praise for Gard: “Royal Canin is a nugget of our economic fabric and we are fortunate that this company has its head office in Gard. The philosophy of this company is consistent with the causes that the Territory stands for. I hope To still exist after 50 years. »

A range of 750 products distributed all over the world

The Royal Canin Group has also indicated its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2025, for example, through responsible sourcing, energy efficiency and sustainable packaging. « L’alimentation peut avoir un impact sur la santé des animaux et ces derniers rendent la vie meilleure », a expliqué Cécile Coutens, the president of the Royal Canin group, who rappelé que l’entreprise pouvait s’enorgueillier de produits dans 750 produits the scientist.

The Royal Canin Global Site is located in Aimargues • (photos by Norman Garden)

Created in 2020, with an annual budget of €900,000, the Royal Canin Foundation supports projects that highlight the benefits that dogs and cats have for human health. For example, it finances the costs incurred by Rancho, the legal aid dog of the court of Nîmes, who is accompanied by Captain Nicolas Barrot of the rescue center in Saint-Gilles. The foundation aspires to fund 14 legal aid dogs in 2025. With more than a thousand employees, including 150 foreigners representing 50 nationalities at its site in Aimargues, Royal Canin is the Gard’s leading private company. Not bad for a fifty year old.

Norman Garden

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