“Les Museaux de Millau”, a concept store with a touch of elegance

She was one of the winners of the “Fabrique à boutiques” operation.which was announced in June 2022, but that wasn’t until Monday, November 28th Laure Normand She opened the doors of her shop “Les Museaux de Millau” at 2 rue des Jacobins (at the corner of rue Droite).

Mellow masks , it’s a concept store I’ve been carrying around for over a year that’s finally starting to see the light. And it was very important for us to open 28, because it is a number that characterizes my life smiles the happy businessman who firmly believes in numerology.

It was her love for her dog Owen that gave Lore Norman the idea to open a shop dedicated to our loyal companions. © Gerard Roquette

“A place of mediation between humans and the dog”

Supported from the start of the project by her MacGyver “her husband” foreman and conductor who carried out all the work to bring this project to life (and to revive the former butcher shop building on rue Jacobin), Laure Normand created a concept store ” Exactly as I imagined “, Shop ” innovative ” And the ” atypical “.

More than just a shop where you will find everything you need for your loyal four-legged friend (established in the Aveyron region and carries the values ​​of Made / Designed in France with original and ethical accessories, natural croquettes and treats), “Les Museaux de Millau” is also a concept shop for dogs. Restore the bond between humans and dogs “.

The elected officials and technicians of the Millau Grands Causses commune attended in large numbers on Tuesday, November 29, on the occasion of the opening of the store. © Gerard Roquette

This real place of exchange, where a “tea room / café” space has been created for more coexistence, also aims to host workshops related to the world of the dog or even conferences. Sporting events (always with dogs) will also be organized. ” We want to make it a place for humans to mediate with the dog Laure Norman sums it up.

“Shop Factory”

The “Fabrique à boutiques” operation he created Community of Municipalities Millau Grands Causses, to promote local and local commerce and revitalize the city centre. It provides the beneficiary with the opportunity to take advantage of the vacant places in the heart of Millau in order to enhance their activity.

In this context, the municipal community supports the shop by subletting a commercial cell for a year with a progressive lease. For the first six months, the community covers 75% of the rent, then 50% for the next six months.

New life for the old butcher’s shop on rue Jacobins © Gérard Rouquette
© Gerard Roquette
© Gerard Roquette
© Gerard Roquette
© Gerard Roquette

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